K’wood hotties verdict on World Cup 2011

The world cup frenzy has hit fever pitch. Sridevi Sreedhar checks out what our K-Town rockstars have to say and who they are rooting for. Will India bring home the cup? Tamil cinema’s hotties give their verdict on World Cup 2011

Vijay– As a true blue Indian, I am obviously rooting for India and looking forward to a fabulous innings by Sachin Tendulkar. Our emerging talent is also an interesting mix. Let’s see if they are able to bring the World cup home this year

Trisha– Honestly I don’t follow cricket to the T, just on superficial level. But yes, Indian stands a great chance this year Sachin always gives his fans a reason to swoon. I’m actually in Mumbai, shooting 4 Mankatha.

Nayanthara– Being an Indian and a proud one at that, I will be supporting India. We have a strong team of great players. I am looking forward to a clear sweep. I will be hooked onto it from the first ball bowled. I’m hoping India wins the toss and elects to bat.

Madhavan– India has a great chance. Sachin will be cautious but effective. The team is playing like one cohesive unit this is fantastic just need one more person to fire apart from Sehwag and Sachin

Silambarasan– God is always there and I am sure India will win. I want India to win. I love my India

Tamannaah– I’ll be rooting for India and I hope and pray we win.

Dhanush– A blend of young talent and veteran players in sync, it should be a clean sweep for Indians. Unfortunately I am away on shoot or else I would be in Mumbai with my wife to watch the finals.

Vishal– India all the way! Most of our players are in top form and I am confident about India’s victory.

Genelia– I am an India loyalist and I have my hopes on Virat Kohli. He is a friend and is playing some terrific cricket of late. I am looking forward to loads of excitement and serious sportsmanship.

Hansilka– Indiaaaaaa! I pray and root for India all the way. I want Captain cool Dhoni to lead the team to glory He is such a deserving captain.

Indrajeet– Yes I feel India has the best chance to lift the cup this time. Dhoni has always been the best in do or die matches and I am sure he will repeat it in the finals as well.

Arya– Millions of Cricket fans are waiting for India’s victory. I too join their prayers.

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