Laila Majnu


Banner: Bollineni Creations
Cast: Hari Varun, Jyothy Krishna, Brahmaji, Chalapati Rao, Telangana Sakuntala, Bharat, Narra, MS Narayana, Chinna, Surya, Chitram Seenu, Babloo, Sudha, Sana, Hema
Direction: Anji Seenu
Production: Bollineni Suresh Naidu
Music: MM Srilekha


Jyothi Krishna and HarivarunPlot Rakhee and Vicky are rivals. So when Rakhee’s sister Mahi and Vicky’s brother Siddharth fall in love, they are infuriated. Vicky decides to stab Rakhee, but ends up stabbing his own brother. Once their issues are solved, the parents have hassles over this ‘love marriage’, so Siddharth comes up with an idea. Mahi stays in Siddharth’s house and vice versa. How they manage to convince their parents is the rest of the plot.img101/2203/lmrev0406071cbh9.jpg

Story, Screenplay and Direction The first half is reminiscient of Josh (starring Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya) and Idiot (Ravi Teja). The second half is reminisceint of Bommarillu (Siddharth and Genelia). The lead actor, Harivarun tries to imitate Ravi Teja, Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi all at once.

The problem starts here-the mishmash of all these stories is pathetic, and the direction hits rock bottom. The performances are unbearable and overall, the movie is quite tiring. No aspect of the movie is worth commenting on.

There are a few bearable parts after the break, when they get to stay in each other’s houses. This gives twenty minutes of relief, but nothing more than that.

Prabha and MuralimohanPerformances Harivarun might be a good sportsman, but an actor he isn’t. Before he hones his acting skills (yes, that can be done), he needs a makeover. He seems enthusiastic, but there is a need to become original and presentable ASAP. The girl is presentable. Another script, another maker, and she might actually click. Regularimg101/4064/lmrev0406072cob4.jpg character artists like MS Narayana and Chalapati Rao have been stuck in this lamentable script and dialogues that lack any pizzazz. Brahmaji has a presence, as does Bharat (Ravi Teja’s brother, incidentally).

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