Lakshmi Kalyanam


Cast: Kalyan Ram, Kajal, Suhasini, Shayaji Shinde
Direction: Teja
Production: Gita Arts
Music: R P Patnaik




Lakshmi KalyanamRamu (Kalyan Ram) is very fond of his maradalu Lakshmi (Kaajal). Ramu is an uneducated guy who works in farms. Lakshmi’s father is a wealthy guy and is the president of the village. Their village has feuds with a neighboring village. Giri (Ajay) is from the other village and he wants to marry Lakshmi. But Lakshmi and Ramu are in love. Ramu has to win a race over Giri to marry Lakshmi. The rest of the story is all about the hurdles Ramu faces in order to wed Lakshmi.

Artists Performance

Lakshmi Kalyanam Kalyan Ram : Kalyan Ram succeeded in giving fabulous performance as principled lover whose love for Lakshmi is limitless. There is natural flow in his dialogue delivery, which is new compared to his earlier films. He could tell mass dialogues in an appealing way in this film. It is always important for any actor to believe in the character and behave like that wholeheartedly. For the first time I am seeing such kind of intensity in Kalyan Ram’s action in Lakshmi Kalyanam film.

Lakshmi KalyanamAjay: When we have absolutely no Telugu guy playing the role of villain in Telugu films, we should appreciate Teja for making Ajay a fitting reply to all those non-Telugu speaking villains who are thronging Telugu film industry. He is extremely good with intense dialogue delivery and great performance. The way he delivered ‘vachama’ series of dialogues is pretty impressive. He is the next Gopichand of Telugu cinema. And I sincerely hope that he wont fall into the lure of hero roles and wish that he continues as villain material. He has great body, cool diction and right expressions. He could be the right Telugu speaking villain we all have been expecting on Telugu screen for a long time.img146/3016/lakshmikapd4.jpg

Lakshmi KalyanamOthers: Kaajal is good. And she wore half sarees most of the time. Actress Raasi dubbed her role and she is just ok. Upcoming actress Suhasini did a small role. Srinivasa Reddy got a meaty role. Sayaji Shinde did the role of heroine father. He is good though sounds bit overboard while doing dialogue delivery at times with the same kind of pitch. Raghubabu excelled as the sidekick of Sayaji Shinde who keeps on digging at his boss. Telangana Sakuntala and Prabha are adequate. Harsha Vardhan did a comedy role as the NRI guy who loves heroine.

Technical Departments:

Lakshmi KalyanamStory – screenplay – direction: Story of the film is old-fashioned and formula ridden. The stories of two villages being faction ridden is old fashioned. Screenplay in the first half is good. Direction of Teja is neat (if you ignore second half). Teja has the unique style of extracting great performances from his actors. It is a renown fact that actors who gave genuine performances under his direction (Uday Kiran & Nitin) could not repeat the same kind of intensity in other films. It speaks volumes about Teja’s ability to bring conviction into the actors when they work for him. His characterizations are unique with a bit of eccentricity thrown into the characters of hero (Kalyan Ram) and villain (Ajay).

Lakshmi KalyanamOther departments: The songs scored by RP Patnaik falls short of what you expect from the combination of Teja – RP Patnaik. But background music is nice. Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are good. They penned right dialogues for this film. They did not stay away from writing dialogues that refers to father and grandfather of the hero, at the same time made sure that they gave a counter dialogue like ‘enthakalam chettu peru cheppukuntav. Nuvvem sadhinchav’. The punch dialogue of ‘Watch Podhi’ (I am sure that Teja penned this dialogue) is good. Cinematography by AR Krishna is compelling. First song of the film is pretty good. The graphics work in 3rd song (last song of 1st half) should have been better. The satire song of Harsha doing his own death bed should have been handled better. Production values of the film are good.

Lakshmi KalyanamAnalysis: Kalyan Ram and Ajay are revelations in this film. The movie starts with a black and white session telling the flashback of hero and heroine in the childhood. This flashback establishes that hero should makeimg102/5720/laxmikalrev19022cke5.jpg sure that heroine should never cry in her life. The first half is handled well with good heroism. The episode that leads to interval is handled very well. But the same cannot be told about the second half. The tempo in the movie starts falling down from the moment the friend betrays hero. Because of the promise made by hero in the interval episode, he becomes passive which reduced heroism in the second half. On a whole, Lakshmi Kalyanam makes an average flick that has orientation towards B and C centers.

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