Language:        TELUGU
Genre:     Horror, Mystery
Director:     Vamsi
Producer:     Sateesh Thati and Jay Arnala
Cast:     Aryan Rajesh, Hamsa Nandini, Vanitha Reddy, Tanikella Bharani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jeeva, Subhash, Mula Virat, Devicharan, B V Chandrasekha
Music:     Illayraja



Aryan Rajesh, son of EVV Satyanarayana, had made his debut through ‘Sontham’. Though he played hero in some more films, he is still awaiting a good break. With an opportunity to play with a director like Vamsy, the audiences had kept a lot of expectations on the film.

Especially, when they learnt that the film is being made with forest backdrop, they had in mind the film like ‘Anveshana’ from the director. At the same time, tunes by Maestro Illayaraja also rekindled the hopes on the success of the film. The film was produced by NRIs who are interested to earn good name in film industry and it reflected in the high production values.

Bhavaraju Suryanarayana @ Bhasu (Aryan Rajesh) is a private channel reporter. He goes deep into the Satyamangalam forests to cover Veerappan’s death news. While returning from forests, he gets information about the treasure worth Rs 400 crores which was hidden by the forest brigand.

Instead of giving the information to the government, he decides to own the treasure with the help of a group of persons by promising them a share in the booty. He takes an year time to pool up resources and with the help of his close friend Suri, chalks out a plan. As per their plan, Bhasu and Suri take with them a forest guide Thangavelu (Jayaprakash Reddy), a doctor Devika (Hamsa Nandini), a mines expert Robert, a person to defuse bombs Kamini, a cook Waste Babu and a driver-cum-mechanic AIDS Raju. The group goes into the forest.img247/6462/ladyen9.jpg

During their journey Bhasu falls in love with Devika. The group finally reaches the place and recover the treasure. During their journey into the forest, they happen to meet some people, who tell the group that they still believe that Veerappan is alive and is safeguarding the treasure.

During their return journey, Suri first gets killed by an unidentified person and everyone believes that Veerappan had killed him. Likewise, Robert, Waste Babu, Thangavelu and AIDS Raju and Kamili also get killed. Bhasu and Devika are the only ones who remained alive. Then the killer surfaces and attacks both of them and tries to take away the treasure.

But, Bhasu decides not to allow him to take the treasure nor he wanted to have it. He throws away the box into a deep valley and comes to know then that it is Suri who played the entire drama. The film ends with the union of the hero and heroine.

Vamsy made the film again in his own style and his excellent and efficient direction coupled with the best screenplay needs compliments. Though most of the faces in the lead cast are unfamiliar to the audiences, he was able to run the show effectively.img183/4161/anumanasrev19021csw7.jpg

The re-recording by Illayaraja is another highlight. Music had elevated the tempo in the film. PG Vinda’s cinematography helped in maintaining the tempo and suspense in the film. The camera work is in tune with the thriller story.

However, the performance of Aryan Rajesh and Hamsanandini is quite artificial and failed to touch the hearts of audiences. Even Editor Srikara Prasad should have made the film further crisp. The film is not that great and could not be compared with ‘Anveshana’.

The film might go well with ‘A’ centre audiences but in the absence of any mass masala ingredients, the success of the film again a big question mark.

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