Lovely time for Premkumar

The lovely star of Kannada cinema Premkumar is having a lovely time now. “After ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ my fortune has changed and from the scores of offers I am very choosy now”, says ‘Nenapirali’ film fame

On the day of release of his ‘Jothegara’ starring ravishing Ramya, the lovely star Premkumar has signed the film ‘Idonthara Love Story’ in the production of Shoba Rajanna who made ‘Baaba and Yee Rajiv Gandhi Alla’ films.

This is a different kind of love blossoming and continuation of it says Premkumar. Prem missed ‘Prema Chandrama’ that went to Raghu Mukerjee and now on the remuneration front he is not in the sequel of ‘Eradane Madhuve’ that ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’. In place of Premkumar actor Naveen Krishna has been decided by ace director Dinesh Baboo.

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