Mani’s statement shocks his fans

ca09709f-d93c-4c4b-b193-30cce2f5e6c1OtherImageIn what could be a shock to millions of his fans and movie-lovers, ace director Maniratnam whose ‘Raavanan’ released all over the world yesterday, has said that he wanted ‘Raavanan’ to be his last directorial venture and that he wanted to ‘retire’ from filmy life and lead a peaceful life in Kodailkkanal where he would unwind himself by playing Golf.

“When I started ‘Raavanan’ a couple of years ago, I decided that this would be my last films. I love Kodaikkanal’s ambience and would love to settle there, playing my favourite game ofGolf everyday. Now that I’m pestered with questions of what would be my next film, I’m tempted to do another film. If I decide to do so, that would most probably be my last film. The theme of the movie, though, hasn’t yet been conceived.

“I hope the enormous expectations surrounding the release of ‘Raavanan’ doesn’t go against it and makes it a superhit film,” says Maniratnam. In Tamil Nadu alone, ‘Raavanan’ released yesterday in more than 250 cinema halls. If the Tamil version, along with the Hindi version titled ‘Raavan’ and the Telugu version titled ‘Villain’ are put together, the film has released all over the globe in 1,300 theatres!

Trade circles say that the advance booking for the first three days has been ‘very satisfactory’. It remains to be seen whether the film sustains the momentum in the coming days!

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