Vijay to play doctor in Seeman’s film

ebd2b285-974e-4b8c-b609-60b47e8ca0d9OtherImageSources close to Seeman insist that the story is likely to be about the ‘final phase of the struggle’ for Tamil Eelam that was so brutally suppressed by the Lankan armed forces last year. It is said that Vijay may play the role of a doctor who treats the Sri Lankan Tamils.

Vijay, who has shown many times in the past his affection and care for the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils, is said to be very keen to establish the fact that he espouses the Lankan Tamils’ cause better than any other Kollywood person and find his way in the heart of theTamil refugees.

‘Kalaipuli’ Thaanu, who would be producing the film, has reportedly instructed the director and his crew that even if the film turns out to be blockbuster in other countries, it won’t hold any value if it turns out to be a ‘failure’ in Tamil Nadu and has requested his men to ensure that it shapes into a superhit material.

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