Mankatha delayed in Kerala

The expectations around Mankatha are sky rocketing and all the fans of Thala are eagerly waiting for August 31st as the film is hitting the screens across the world but looks like Kerala state might not see the release on the same day.

The team of Mankatha is putting all efforts to release the film for the big weekend; meanwhile to reduce some of the anxiety and eagerness of the fans they have released the sleek teasers as well as posters. It is well known that Tamil stars enjoy a very special place in Malayalam market. The theaters in Kerala are said to be booked to the hilt, with a large array of Malayalam films hitting the screens during the Onam hols!

So, Mankatha is all set release big on across Kerala only as late as September 9th. Radaan Media Works who bagged theatrical rights of Mankatha in Tamilnadu have sold out all areas in Tamilnadu at a fancy price.

The hype around the film is getting bigger and bigger with the latest involvement of Sun Pictures, Radaan Media Works Cloud Nine.

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