Marriage on Salman Khan’s mind?

The 45-year-old heartthrob has had a string of love affairs in his eventful and controversy ridden life but none of the dalliances culminated in a nikah. Now, at last, pressured by his peers (Aamir Khan taking the lead) and egged on by his family, Salman Khan, we hear, is finally succumbing to the thought of getting hitched.

It’s no secret how Aamir has been on a somewhat public campaign to get Salman to make up his mind about marriage, even going to the length of saying that Salman’s hands should be tied and he should be led to the wedding mandap. Salman happily joined the repartee with a tongue-in-cheek rejoinder that it’s Aamir whose hands need to be tied so that he doesn’t marry for the third time.

Banter aside, Salman is known to believe deeply in family values. And now when asked about the dream woman who could be his life partner, he has not shied away from revealing that he wants a woman who has the qualities of a good homemaker.

A homemaker? We are sure buddy Aamir Khan can find an eligible bachelorette. But the question is – Will Salman lead her to the altar without his hands being tied?

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