Movies are mirrors: Kamal

Wherever he goes, Kamal Haasan advocates for cinema. And the actor did it once again in Malaysia, by dismissing allegations that excessive violence in Tamil movies is pushing youth towards crime.

The actor, who was in the foreign country recently, told a news agency: “Tamil films are merely mirrors which reflect incidents, occurrences and behavioural patterns of people.”

He was reacting to allegations by some Malaysian political parties and service organisations that violence in Tamil films is pushing ethnic Malaysian Indian youth towards crime.

“Violence is widely reported in the daily life of the people in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the rural areas. We, through the movies, attempt to highlight the social problems which already exist,” he reportedly said.

Saying that he had discussed with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak during his visit to Tamil Nadu on giving opportunities to talented Malaysians in Kollywood, Kamal said, “I can give my word that talented Malaysians will definitely be featured in my movies.”

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