Mumaith Khan’s bitter experience in Hyderabad

Popular item specialist Mumaith Khan recently had a bitter experience at a Hyderabad pub.

The actress went to a pub in Banjara Hills on Saturday night to enjoy the weekend along with two of her friends. When she entered the pub, the DJ was playing her most popular number ‘Naa Peere Meena Kumari’. Mumaith was very pleased to hear her song and started to dance.

Seeing this, some brats high with money power and alcohol started to pass inappropriate comments on her figure. Though Mumaith initially ignored them, they continued to tease her. After a while, she suddenly stopped dancing and began arguinf with the guys. Finally, the security personal of the pub intervened and defused the tension.

Though the site appeared to be tension-free for a while, it became worse when some girls returned from the toilet with a paper reading: “Mumaith @ Rs.100/hr.” Mumaith and her friends were enraged, but it was later revealed that the rich brats somehow disappeared from the pub after leaving the said note in the toilets. Mumaith is said to have wept at these insulting remarks and left the place without speaking to her friends or to anyone in the pub.

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