Nana steals the show

BANGALORE: The much awaited and hyped film Yaksha was finally released on Friday. The USP of Yaksha is the brief appearance of Bollywood actor Nana Patekar. His dialogue delivery, especially his Kannada diction, and gestures are a treat to watch.

Producer Siddaraju, who is the father of the hero Yogesh, has ensured all ingredients in this film to cater to the needs of mass audience. There is no dearth of action scenes, foreign locations and punchy dialogues in this film. The director did not even spare the hair style of Yogesh, who is affectionately called as Loose Mada, in his attempt to ensure the much needed success at the box office. Yogesh desperately needs a success to retain his position as hero in Sandalwood.

However, the director failed miserably in his attempt to make it appealing. Though there is no rule that Siddaraju’s family members should not act in a film, it will be difficult for the audience to see four members from the same family on the silver screen. The other drawback of this film is that director believes that he can promote and project Yogesh through dance sequences and a variety of costumes. He did not bother to give importance to the script.

If the existence of a few characters such as Komal and Girish Mattannawar are anything to go by, it seems the director gave importance to artistes than the script. For example, we see Komal as a talkative person during the pre-intermission session. The director introduces him as one of the trusted cops of a Deputy Commissioner in a flashback sequence again. The director tells us that Komal was killed by anti-social elements. If he gets killed in a flashback sequence relating to an incident that took place when hero’s father was alive, how come the same character appears on the silver screen even after the hero’s father is no more.

The movie is all about Yaksharaj Pulakeshi alias Yaksha (Yogesh) who discontinues college education and join hands with Maschendranath Poonja (Atul Kulkarni), an underworld don. He saves Poonja from his enemies and becomes one of his close confidants. He tells his mother that he is working at a coffee cafe.

Meanwhile, his mother comes to know about his association with Poonja and asks him to go out of the house. His lover Raksha (Ruby) also asks him not to work for Poonja. At this juncture, Yaksha explains to her, his mission and how his father Yaksharaj Pulakeshi (Nana Patekar), an honest cop, was killed by Poonja. Kishore has no scope to showcase his acting skills. His character is brief and confines to only mouthing a few punchy dialogues.

The movie is worth watching if you are interested to watch Nana Patekar on the silver screen.

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