Nayantara is excellent as ‘Elektra’: Shyamaprasad

Director Shyamaprasad, whose new film ‘Elektra’ has wowed the audience at IFFI 2010, is all praise for his lead actress.

Nayantara, who has mostly been seen in glamorous roles, has been cast in a different mould in Shyamaprasad’s film.

“The Nayantara that we get to see in ‘Elektra’ is way different from the Nayantara whom we have seen till now. You should see the film to understand how much has become one with her character in the film,” Shyam revealed in an interview with a prominent weekly.

“Her’s is an outstanding performance. At the same time, its very refined as well. She really surprised me, by never even for a moment going overboard.”

“It took her a couple of days to acquaint herself with the tone that the film demanded. Towards the end of the shoot, her performance was stunning. She has done an excellent job,” the director affirms.

Besides Nayantara, ‘Elektra’ stars Manisha Koirala along with Prakash Raj, Biju Menon and Skanda in key roles.

The film would also be screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala 2010, that is scheduled to start at Trivandrum on the 10th of December.

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