Neha Dhupia And Arjun Rampal Aiming To Enter The Guinness

It was a one of its kind event as 75 couples assembled here for a shaving lesson from Bollywood actors Neha Dhupia and Arjun Rampal and aim at a world record.

Gillette India organised what was claimed to be the world’s largest shaving lesson at Ansal Plaza Friday. The organisers claimed they were aiming to enter the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records, but no representatives from these were present.

However, Rinki Tomar from the India Book of Records said she would forward the details for inclusion in the Asia Book of Records.

’If women can spend hours in an effort to look good, then why can’t men spend a mere five minutes of their time to look civilised and groomed, that is clean shaven? I think women should co-operate with men and show them that we care about how we like to see them,’ said Neha while demonstrating how to shave. Dressed in navy blue off-shoulder knee-length dress she gave a demo on Arjun.

Looking as stunning as always in a pair of denims teamed with white shirt and black jacket, Arjun said: ’Girls prefer men with a clean-shaven look and there won’t be any thing greater than getting shaved ny a girl, so go for it guys.’

As this was an unsual kind of event, it pulled a large crowd and people jostled for space to get a glimpse of what was happening as well as to see Neha giving Arjun a shaving lesson.

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