Neil and his flyover nightmares

Even in his dreams, Neil Nitin Mukesh wouldn’t have imagined himself spending an entire morning riding back and forth over Bombay’s famous J.J. Flyover. But that’s exactly, what director Sudhir Mishra insisted on while shooting a crucial scene for ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johny’.

The shot in question required Neil to be riding over the flyover and peeking into Shahana’s house. “It was absolutely essential to get the feel of the shot right. We spent over a week trying to get the right house at the right height and the right distance from the flyover. Once that was fixed we needed to get the angle at which Neil is able to look into the house spot on,” says Mishra.

Now once the angle was fixed, it had to be shot exactly when the bike was at a certain point at the flyover. Mishra took several takes and till he was satisfied with the outcome, Neil had to go up and down the flyover at least twenty to twenty five times, according to sources on the set.

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