Salman says ‘No Problem’ to Hrithik

B-town macho hunk the ‘Dabangg’ Khan Salman again displayed his quality of being human. The emotional Bollywood superstar who is known to keep grudges for long (remember the apologies from Vivek Obheroi in public and personal didn’t melt the muscle man) recently practiced the sweet principle of ‘let go let god’…. Yeah folks, Hrithik may have replied to Salman’s comment on the Bollywood’s famous dud ‘Guzaarish’ but Salman is clear in his fundas.

B-town muscle man Salman has nothing against the handsome green eyes Hrithik and all his grudges are with his once a dear friend called Bhansali and no one else. Folks you wanna know how this patch up happened…? Read on…

After reacting to Salman’s statements, Hrithik was told by his near and dear ones that he had done a mistake. Immediately the very next day Hrithik text Salman by saying that he’d been hurt by his statements and had reacted spontaneously. The large-hearted Salman messaged him back saying, ‘It’s ok, bro.” It was as simple as that.

Hrithik was seen having a great time at Salman’s brother Sohail’s party bash recently, a close hand present at the scene reveals, “Duggu (Hrithik) and Salman met each other cordially. It was like nothing was wrong between them.”

Hrithik confirms, “Salman and I had a talk and now, we are cool. My dad also spoke to Salim uncle. So it’s all good. At the end of it all, I am glad about what happened because our bond has become stronger.”

So friends, Salman knows how to love and how make yourself being loved.

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