Ravi (Ravi Teja) a director-aspirant in Telugu film industry joins the company of Idli Viswanath (Brahmanandam) as his assistant. A new production is launch for which Mallik (Subbaraju) and Mumaith (Mumaith Khan) are the lead pair.

While the movie is in progress, a junior artiste on the sets Sandhya (Siya) falls in love with Ravi. But, Ravi a workaholic gives little importance to her love. In the meantime, Ravi’s mother (Rama Prabha) is taken seriously ill due to cancer. At a time when personal problems start dogging Ravi, how the young man proves himself victorious by overcoming all issues.

As usual, Ravi Teja has done superb display of histrionics and enlivened his characterization, which is considered the replica of the director of the film himself – Puri Jagannath. At several scenes, the hero showed great ease, particularly in the emotional scenes.

Debutant Siya is promising but lacks nativity. She looked heavy on the screen, which the audience would find difficult to digest. However, she is ravishing in all the song sequences and adds glamour. Brahmanandam’s role as director is hilarious, but there is a feel of forced comedy in his characterization.

Krishna Bhagwan is the next important character in the film providing ample doses of comedy. Supreet, a new entrant, has made his presence as a rugged baddie. Sayaji Shinde’s emotional outbursts are interesting.

As was said already, the story is an “autobiography” of the director Puri Jagannath, who goes by his own inhibitions caring least for sentiments. He comes out with veiled attack on several aspects in the film industry, which he believes, are stumbling blocks to the advancement.

The story has given a lot of importance to sentiment aspect, while leaving the commercial element to its fate. Generally, all films directed by Puri are known for their commercial elements, but here it lacked. Dialogues are laced with punch. There is a veiled satire on the condition of the college goers who fall in love. It admonishes them that any student who has no stamina to earn a rupee is unfit to fall in love.

Also, the film tries to educate the fans (of heroes) that they are gaining nothing by committing suicide in favor of their icons. The film further dwells into the aspect of attacking the film reviewers based on the business at the domestic and overseas fronts.

Instead of sounding like a commercial film, Neninthe just gives a feel watching a documentary on the conditions of the Telugu film industry, with its egos and arrogance-filled biggies. All said and done, the film is a sharp reaction of Puri Jagannath for all the ills he had faced in his own life.

Excellent cinematography, sensuous songs and copious doses of comedy are the plus points. Seen from the longer perspective, the film might not appeal to the entertainment-loving audience.

Banner:    Universal Media
Cast:    Raviteja, Siya, Ramaprabha, Brahmanandam, M.S.Narayana,
Shayaji Shindey, Supreeth, Venu Madhav, Sairam Shankar,
Rajesh, Subbaraju, Rajaravindra, Uttej, Krishna Bhagavan,
Mumaith Khan, Telangana Shakuntala, Kovai Sarala, Surekha Vani
Direction:    Puri Jagannadh
Production:    D. V. V. Danayya
Music:    Chakri

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