What makes Vinayakudu directed by debutant Sai Kiran Addivi different is that it is the love story of a fat guy and a cute looking sophisticated girl. Karthik (Krishnudu), in search of a job comes to Hyderabad and gets into an Ad firm. He falls in love with his colleague Kalpana (Sonia), whose parents from the US.

Finding Karthik to be very coy and obese, Kalpana doesn’t take his love seriously and even resorts to humiliate him now and then. She later finds Rajiv, a guy chosen by her parents not to be the right kind of a guy for her. Soon, she finds the spark of strong attachment for Karthik, but their working relationship at the office too suffers a lot due to some misunderstanding.

Running parallel to this main love track is romance between Sandy (Poonam Kaur), Sonia’s friend and Altaf (Surya Tej). Third one comes from Ankitha and Rakesh Mahankali.

Krishnudu, as Karthik had in fact made his debut in a small but well-remembered role in Sekhar Kammula’s Happy Days. Saikumar Adivi, who worked as assistant to Sekhar Kammula, spotted Krishnudu alias Krishna as the right guy for his script, which went into the making later.

It is quite interesting to watch a fat guy in the main lead as he draws much sympathy from the audiences. He does show the prowess in his histrionics and could be a good actor in the coming days. Sonia, who sizzled in Happy Days, comes out with her offbeat performance, which again treads natural path towards climax, giving a cool feel to the audience.

Vinayakudu is a simple love story given an emotional treat. As the film deals with romance between a pretty girl and fat boy, it naturally requires some pace to establish the chemistry. Debut director Sai Kiran Adivi deserves kudos for his perfect planning of the subject right from the beginning till climax without given to overtures anywhere.

However, the audience might feel that the screenplay could have been better to speed up the tempo. Interestingly, dialogues department forms a major plus point to the film. But use of unconventional words on Telugu screen such “Bastard” is disgusting at times, which could be ignored as the film has youthful entertainment all through.

PG Vinda provides good cinematography. Songs are cool. Music by Syam Prasan is good. Production values are decent. The comedy part is also not missed. All said and done, the film lacks tempo, the much required element for the mass audience. Vinayakudu has to bank on the A centre audiences.

Banner:    Prem Movies
Cast:    Krishnudu, Sonia & others
Direction:    Sai Kiran Adivi
Production:    Sarita Patra
Music:    Shyam Prasen

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