Nenu Meeku Telusa

Aditya (Manoj) is suffering from the strange disorder “Recurring Amnesia” and he works in a private company. He gains his memory back slowly each night as he goes to sleep, but his mind gets blank daily after he wakes up. He maintains his daily choirs by using a tape recorder, wherein he records his voice.

Madhumita (Riya) is the vice president of the company and becomes Aditya’s girlfriend. Nazar, who actually owns this company, is the uncle of the young man. He knows the real secret behind the hero’s mental disorder. When the uncle gets ready to sing the marriage of Aditya and Madhu, suddenly the cops arrive to arrest Aditya. The murdered is none other than his uncle. The investigating officer Anjali (Sneha Ullal) happens to be the college love of Aditya. Now, who is the real culprit behind the murder? Does the hero get back his memory? The rest of the story is dealt with these points.

Manoj is extremely convincing in his histrionics, besides presenting superb dance and stunts sequences. Sneha Ullal is pure eye candy but her hairstyle looks weird and cant emote. Riya looked ravishingly hot and she has the right blend of sex appeal and innocence. Perhaps a spicy number with her set the screen on fire.

The director has come out with an interesting plot but then his concept was not perceived with that kind of drive. Though the presentation is brilliant, the narrative is not absorbing. Script was alright and screenplay was effective but dialogues are weak, music is good but at times it was quite blaring, full marks to cinematography and the graphics department. Editing could have been better during the second half, the costumes and locations were well chosen.

The first half of the film is on a lighter vein, mixed with comedy. But, the second half gets into boredom and series of prolonged flashbacks. The murder angle doesn’t create any curiosity. Though the story is novel, director stuffed it so many scenes which have nothing to do with the main story. The chasing scene running about 8 and half minute though very exciting is out of place for the subject.

Though the director announced earlier that the movie would create trend in the Telugu film industry with a topnotch idea, nothing of that sort happened. Though the movie is taken with a lot of quality, the flashback scenes looked blurry and the color theme remains an embarrassment with unnatural colors.

The audiences are given to a feel that the comedy should have been worked in a better way. Despite the presence of two highly seductive heroines, not much has been done about their glamour. Lack of punch in the comedy is a big minus point. This kind of films should be treated with duration of just one and half hour on the lines of a Hollywood flick. Its chances are to some extent bright in multiplex centers and it might not do well in other centers.

Banner:    Sree Lakshmi Prasana Pictures
Cast:    Manchu Manoj, Sneha Ullal
Direction:    Ajay Sastri
Production:    Lakshmi Manchu
Music:    Achu

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