After giving a roaring publicity, Teja’s pet project Keka doesn’t succeed in seizing your attention. After a hiatus of two years, it was a litmus test to the maverick director who has given some memorable films in the past. Sadly, Keka has failed to stand up to the expectations of the audience.

Set in the backdrop of a shelter for street kids in Kolkota, the film opens with a Hyderabadi guy Arjun (Raja) teaching music to the kids. Why does Raja live in Kolkota coming all the way from Hyderabad? Raising curiosity with this point initially, it is soon revealed that the guy is here for a girl Sujatha (Ishani), who in turn is engaged to Kiran (Anup).

Interestingly, both Arjun and Kiran are best friends. All of a sudden, something goes wrong between Arjun and Sujatha. The girl starts vehemently hating Arjun. Is Kiran responsible for the animosity between Arjun and Sujatha? What happens later? Whom will Sujatha marry? These questions form the rest of the story.

Ishana, Teja’s new find from Dubai looks pretty on the screen in a glamourous role. She is promising. Raja, the debut hero (son of Sirivennala Seetarama Sastry) is just average and doesn’t hold any punch in his body language as hero. Navdeep has dubbed for him while Rasi for the heroine. Anup, the guy from Tamilnadu, is good in his histrionics. Ajay’s dubbing for him is apt.

Chakri’s music is good, but one could easily get the point that the tunes are absolutely not original. Songs are good to watch. PC Sriram’s cinematography does not generate any tangible results though this particular sector was widely publicized as the major asset to the film.

The narration has no logic in it. Though the initial moments of the film have some interesting scenes, slowly the narration loses the grip. Being debutants, Teja should have taken additional care in dealing with emotional scenes. There is no seriousness on the part of Teja in his script.

Why the director selected the backdrop of Kolkota is not convincing. The clubbing of two threads – that of the orphans and lovers – doesn’t synchronize with each other. There is a lot of confusion in the narration and the first half is thoroughly boring. There’s virtually nothing good about this film and by the time it reaches the climax you have no interest left in it at all.

Banner:    Chitram Movies
Cast:    Raja, Ishana, Anup Kumar, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Thalaivasu Vijay and others
Direction:    Teja
Production:    Teja
Music:    Chakri

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