No distributors for Prithviraj film

It was a deafening revelation, especially when it is all about a Prithviraj starer, whose recent two movies made very big initial collections. It was B C Joshy, the producer of ‘Veetilekkulla Vazhi’, who revealed that his new movie with Prithviraj is still finding it difficult to fetch a distributor. Joshy was talking in the premier show of the movie at the year’s IFFK. Joshy observed that the Chalachitra Academy should take the responsibility of distributing aesthetically valuable films.

The movie which is a heart touching story about a young doctor’s initiative to reunite a five year old child with his father, was well applauded by the audience in IFFK, who rate it as the best from Dr Biju, whose debut film Saira has been screened at Cannes. The movie which was shot at many locations in North India is really a visual treat.

As the movie has fetched very good opinion from the masses, it is likely that the movie will be sold out soon to worthy distributors.

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