Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu movie review

Movie : Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu
Director : Manoj-Vinod
Music : Leela Gireeshkuttan
Cast : Rima Kallingal, Ben, Joe, Vishnu, Anu

Debutant director duo of Manoj and Vinod begins their Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu with a gang of boys who have nothing much to think about, other than women, booze, fun and more fun.

After a while, they become attached to a chat friend, who is an adopted girl coming from Germany to find her roots in Kerala. Well, the basic storyline looks promising, but the problem is that it has been executed in a painstakingly amateurish way on screen.

Ronnie (director Siby Malayil’s son Joe), Aby (actor Lalu Alex’s son Ben), Sooraj (actor Vinu Mohan’s brother Anu Mohan) and Arun (still photographer Gopalakrshnan’s son Vishnu) form a gang of friends living in an apartment complex. The entire first half is spent on developing their characters, their silly looking adventures and fights with a former chum.

After a while, they become friends with Christelle (Rima Kallingal) on the chat room of a social networking site and she comes from Germany and starts living in the same apartment. She was adopted and was taken to Germany by her foster parents at the age of three. Now her attempt is to find her biological parents and the boys help her in that.

With boring sequences, some of which has been heavily influenced from films like Boys, tasteless dialogues, pathetic performances and an irritatingly slow pace, this film seems like a never ending saga and makes you cringe in the seats. Swaroop Philip’s camera and the music by Leela Gireeshkuttan are okay in parts. The four boys disappoint with their maiden performances and the rest of the cast, including Rima, are just about fine.

Orkut Oru Ormakkoottu tries to say lots of things, but doesn’t really succeed in doing it in an impressive way and ends being predictable, preachy and even insipid. 2011 had begun with Traffic, which had definitely raised the bar with its brilliance, but no such luck with the first release of 2012. That is sad!

Verdict: Below average

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