Pawan Kalyan profile

Name: Pawan Kalyan

Birth Name: Kalyan Konidela

Title: Power Star

Profession: Actor, Writer, Stunt master, Director, Producer, Playback singer, Screenplay writer, Choreographer

Date of Birth: 2 September 1971

Birth Place: Mogultur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Height: 5′ 11″

Nationality: Indian

Mother Tongue: Telugu

Religion: Hindu


Father – Konidela Venkata Rao

Mother – Anjana Devi

Elder brothers – Chiranjeevi (Telugu Actor), Nagendra Babu (actor & producer)

Sisters -Vijaya Durga, Madhavi

Brother-in law – Allu Aravind

Nephews – Ram Charan Teja

Son-in-law – Allu Arjun

Nieces – Srija, Sushmita

Sisters-in law -Surekha, Padmaja

Wife – Nandini (Divorced) , Renu Desai

Son – Akira Nandan


Film Actor: Akkada Ammayi – Ikkada Abbayi

Writer: Johny (2003) (screenplay) (story)

Stunts: Khushi (2001) (stunts)

Director: Johny (2003)

Choreography: Gudumba Shankar

Martial Art: Well versed in Akido martial art


Director: Akira Kurosawa

Food: Vegetarian

Hobbies: reading books and planting saplings

Music: Carnatic

Rose to fame: Toli Prema

Admires: A.M. Rathnam, P.C. Sreeram.

Remuneration: 12 crores

Konidela Kalyan Babu, youngest brother of the Telugu Matinee Idol Megastar Chiranjeevi christened his name as Pawan Kalyan with his first film Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi in 1996.

Today Pawan Kalyan is an Icon for the Box Office Power House with his top notch opening collections and scintillating performances. His image and craze among the trade circles and the public is just near to Chiranjeevi. In the career spanning 11 years, he has performed all shades of roles and was well appreciated by the masses. His 13th movie is under shoot and Geetha arts is producing the film. He is the only star in the current generation who dared to direct a movie when his career was in peek.


Pawan Kalyan, the hero who could get huge following with just 6 movies to his credit and able to make his 7th movie grossing more than 20 crores, is a simple, humble and away-from-publicity guy. Media is always keen on him as they know nothing about him.

Pawan Kalyan was well resourced when he stepped into films. His big brother Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ardent fan following getting ready to embrace the launch of another member from the Mega family, his second brother Nagababu – a producer, his brother-in-law Allu Aravind – an ace producer. What else would one need?

Pawan Kalyan was first married to Nandini, whom he divorced on 13 August 2008. Pawan Kalyan has been married to Renu Desai (On 28 January 2009) , a co-star, who is currently owning a design store called Designs. The happy couple are blessed with one son, Akira. Despite his latest release and directorial debut, the hugely expensive Johnny, faring disastrously at the box office, actor Pawan Kalyan’s place among the top five stars in the Telugu film industry remains secure, at least for now.

Kalyan, younger brother of Megarstar Chiranjeevi, created a record in the Telugu film industry by selling Johnny for a record-breaking Rs 210 million and releasing it in more than 300 theatres. Viewers made a beeline for the first few shows, but the tragic tale of a young man running from pillar to post to save his cancer-stricken wife failed to click with the audiences.

His fans felt that if Kalyan had made a youthful entertainer — the sort he’s known for — the distributors would have laughed all the way to the bank. A few industry bigwigs praised his directorial ability, but others questioned the choice of subject for his debut venture.

Kalyan’s disappointed fans, however, are already looking forward to his next film, produced by his other brother Nagababu. Directed by Veerasankar, it stars Meera Jasmine as his leading lady. He is also working on a film directed by Karunakaran for ace producer Aswini Dutt. It remains to be seen which film reaches the theatres first.

Shy by nature, Kalyan dreamt of becoming a film technician. It was Chiranjeevi’s wife Surekha who convinced him to become an actor. Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law Allu Aravind launched Kalyan with great fanfare in Akada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi, but the movie failed to make an impact at the box office.

Film Career

Though Pawan Kalyan was launched in a big way with Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi in 1996, all one could see in him was Chiranjeevi’s brother. Continued the same trend for another two movies – Gokulamlo Sita and Suswagatham. Pawan Kalyan’s discipline and dedication comes from the martial arts that he has been practising. To clarify some of the critics comments about his martial arts skills, Pawan Kalyan demonstrated a show amidst a huge audience at Ravindra Barathi. He was awarded the title “Pawan”, symbolising Lord Hanuman for his energy. Hence Kalyan was rechristined as Pawan Kalyan.

In 1998, Tholi Prema released. It initially started out low profile but the treatement and the storyline along with melodious and balanced music by Deva took the movie to great heights and so did the image of Pawan Kalyan. Tholi Prema is a milestone in Pawan Kalyan’s career. It is the movie which made the audience recognize the talent him.

Thammudu, another blockbuster followed, is a remake of Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikkandar with a difference that Pawan Kalyan is a kickbocxer.

Kalyan teamed up with a new director, Puri Jagannath, for his next film, Badri (1999). His superstardom was evident when the movie traded for an astronomical sum, leaving the Telugu industry amazed and his critics carping. But Kalyan silenced them when the love story opened well and went on to make a huge profit.

Badri’s action sequences were well appreciated by the audiences and added a new dimension to Kalyan’s loverboy image. “I pick those down-to-earth characters to identify myself with a wider section of the youth,” said the PowerStar. He consciously began to increase the gap between his releases.

Producer A M Ratnam signed him for a remake of his Tamil hit Khushi. The movie exploited Kalyan’s loverboy-cum-action hero image. The ego clashes between the protagonists (Kalyan and Boomika) were widely appreciated and the film went on to become the biggest hit of his career, grossing Rs 27 crore (approximately US $5.72 million).

Pawan Kalyan is, as reported by media by then, involves himself in other aspects of the film too. Though few criticize that, it’s his responsibility and commitment to the project that makes him take care of everything. And ofcourse, it worked each and every time. Kushi, released in 2001, created records. Kushi, his 7th movie, went on to get a gross of 20 crores.

By this time, he had stopped interacting with the local press and even skipped the press meets organised to cover his films. He only granted interviews to a few English magazines, but later discontinued this practice as well. He shot his debut venture in a low-profile manner and shrouded it in secrecy. The media were warned against using stills of Johnny without permission.

Just before the film’s release, Kalyan was in the news when he accused the Deccan Chronicle Group of publications of making baseless allegations against him and his brother, Chiranjeevi. He, Nagababu and Allu Aravind staged a dharna before its office in Secunderabad, with fans organising a rasta roko (road blockade) in his support.

Pawan made his first official directorial debut with Johnny, for which he traveled to Japan to get trained in martial art Aikido. Renu Desai and himself cast as lead actors, the film did not do well at the box-office. Gudumba Shankar (2004), for which Pawan contributed screenplay miserably failed to reach the expectations of the audience. Balu (2005) by Vyjayanthi Films didn’t do too well. His next movie Bangaram was average. Annavaram (2007) was good grosser.

Jalsa (2008), is the most widely released south Indian picture ever (approximately 1000 theaters worldwide). The movie hit the screens with high expectations and created record of collecting more than 42 crores with in 50 days of its release another big hit in Pawan’s Career. Currently he is acting in a film named Komaram Puli directed by S.J Suryah, cinematography by twice IIFA award winner Binod Pradan and music of this film is given by the Oscar award winner A.R.Rehman.

Pawan Kalyan is involved in the State politics of Andhra Pradesh. He is campaigning for the Praja Rajyam Party, which is led by his own brother Chiranjeevi. He was appointed as the president of Yuva Rajyam, the youth wing of Praja Rajyam.

Social Work
Pawan Kalyan has started an organization called Common Man Protection Force(CMPF) in October 2007. He has contributed 1 crore INR towards the corpus fund, CMPF aims to solve the social problems, help the neglected sections of the society, in India. He makes sure that all this films have a message for the viewers, making them aware of the problems in the society and quest towards the solutions. He is a person who always questions his motives constantly.

Great Respect for women
Pawan in all his movies made sure that women are never insulted ..proof for it would be that there were no double meaning dailogues, irritating club songs, underplayed roles of heroine. You can go with your family and enjoy his movies always.

Great musical and Lyrical values
According to Keeravani a great music director , Pawan is one of very few who got great music taste and judgement…We can understand as all his movies are great muscial hits..Pawan has great love towards good literature and lyrical values…All lyrics in his movies have good lyrical values and underlying message.


Pawan Kalyan is a Vegetarian.

He holds a Black Belt in Martial arts and did real stunts for his movies – Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbai and Thammudu.

Founded an organisation called Common Man Protection Force. It aims to solve the social problems and help the neglected sections of the society

He demonstrated his martial arts skills before a huge audience at Ravindra Barathi and was awarded the title ‘Pawan’

Surrendered his revolver when his niece, Srija, who married against her family’s wishes, told the media that she perceived a threat to her life from her family.

Pepsi First south Indian actor to appear in an endorsement, for the soft drink PEPSI.

Whenever he is free he can be seen in Shankarpally where he retreats for days together amidst the exotic surroundings.

Renu Desai is the Costume designer for most of his films.

He was a member of the Madras Rifle Club.

Chiranjeevi’s wife Surekha who convinced him to become an actor.

He returned money back to the distributors for his film Johnny didnt do well at the Box Office.

Apart from being an actor, he feels also as a Director, Screenplay writer, Choreographer, Stunt Master and a Playback singer.

“Victory” Venkatesh is a good friend of Pawan Kalyan and both expressed their interest to act in a film.

Tamil sensational actor Vijay is also a good friend and great fan of him.

Tamil and Telugu actress Trisha in an interview said that, she had a crush on Pawan Kalyan.

Telugu actresses Nikitha, Genelia and shriya are also big fans of pawankalyan.

He has a good rapport with music director Ramana Gogula and the creative directors – Puri Jagannadh and A. Karunakaran.

His favourite past time is reading books and planting saplings.He has a farm house in the outskirts of hyderabad where he grows vegetables,fruits.

He is the most misunderstood man in the Telugu film industry, But there is no denying Kalyan’s star power.


Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi

Cast: Pavan Kalyan, Supriya, Rambha, Sarath Babu
Music Director: Koti
Director:E V V Satyanarayana
Released on:May 21, 1996

Gokulamlo Seetha
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Raasi, Harish, Kota Sreenivas Rao,
Music Director: Koti
Director: Muthyala Subbaiah
Producer: GVG Raju
Released on: August 22, 1997

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Devayani, Raghuvaran, Prakash Raj, Sudhakar
Music Director: S A Raj Kumar
Director: Bheemaneni Sreenivasa Rao
Producer: R B Chowdary
Released on: January 1, 199

Tholi Prema

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Reddy, Vasuki, Ali
Music Director: Deva
Director: A Karunakaran
Producer: GVG Raju
Released on: July 24, 1998

Thammudu…Subrahmanyam (Subbu, Subhash)
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Preeti Jingiani, Aditi Govitrikar, Achyuth, Chandra Mohan, Mallikarjuna Rao
Music Director: Ramana Gogula
Director: P.A. Arun Prasad
Producer: Sivarama Krishna B
Released on: July 15, 1999

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai, Amisha Patel, Prakash Raj
Music Director: Ramana Gogula
Director: Puri Jagannath
Producer: T Trivikrama Rao
Released on: 20 April 2000

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Bhoomika Chawla, Nazar, Vijay Kumar
Music Director: Manisharma
Director: SJ Suriya
Producer: AM Ratnam
Released on: 27 April 2001


Cast: Pawan Kalyan
Music Director: Ramana Gogula
Director: Pawan Kalyan
Producer: Allu Aravind
Released on: 25 April 2003

Gudumba Shankar

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Meera Jasmine, Ashish Vidhyardhi, Sayaji Shinde, Ali
Music Director: Manisharma
Director: Veera Shankar
Producer: Nagendra
Released on: 10 September 2004


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shriya, Jayasudha and Neha Oberoi
Music Director: Manisharma
Director: A Karunakaran
Producer: C. Ashwini Dutt
Released on: January 6, 2005


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Meera Chopra, Trisha, Mukesh Rishi, Reema Sen
Music Director: Vidyasagar
Director: Dharani
Producer: AM Ratnam
Released on: May 3, 2006


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Siva Balaji, Asin, Sandhya
Music Director: Ramana Gogula
Director: Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Producer: R B Choudary
Released on: December 29, 2006


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Ileana, Parvathi Melton,
Music Director: Devisri Prasad
Director: Trivikram Sreenivas
Producer: Allu Aravind
Released on: April 2, 2008

Komuram Puli

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikesha Patel, Saranya, Manoj Bajpai, Nasser, Girish Kannad
Music Director: AR Rahman
Director: SJ Suriya
Producer: Singamala Ramesh

Upcoming Movies:

Movie on Jesus Christ

Direction: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Music: Devisri Prasad
Producer: Konda Krishnam Raju

Remake of Love AajKal (Parameswari Arts Movies)

Heroine: Trisha
Direction: Jayanth C Paranjee
Dialogues: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: Ganesh

Special Appearances:

Shankar Dada MBBS….Cameo Role

Shankar Dada Zindabad…Suresh


Satyagrahi (2008) (in production) (screenplay)
Gudumba Shankar (2004) (screenplay)
Johnny (2003) (screenplay) (story)


Johnny (2003) (stunts)
Daddy (2001/I) (stunts)
Khushi (2001) (stunts)


Satyagrahi (2008) (in production)
Johnny (2003)

Music Department:

Johnny (2003) (playback singer)

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