Pooja Gandhi turns patriotic in ‘Jai Hind’

BANGALORE: Mungaaru Maley fame Pooja Gandhi is set to play a different role in the patriotic film Jai Hind. It is the first time Pooja is playing such a role. The shooting of Jai Hind is set to begin at CRPF campus, Yelahanka from Tuesday.

Venugopal, who handled the megaphone for films Avanandhre Avane and Silence, is the director of Jai Hind. Major Srinivas Poojar, who produced Ee Sambhaashane with his son Sandesh and Hari Priya as the lead pair, has not only provided script and screenplay, but is also playing a key character in this film.

According to director Venugopal, Jai Hind is all about terrorist activities in Bangalore. “We want to make the public aware about how Bangalore has become a favourite destination for terrorists in carrying out their acts,” says Venugopal.

Apart from Pooja Gandhi and Sandesh, artistes such as Shobaraj, Doddanna, Thriller Manju, Ramesh Bhat, Poorvi, Shankar Bhat are playing other characters in the film.

Expressing happiness over Pooja’s approval to play a widow’s role in this film, director said that Jai Hind would earn good name for Pooja. “One needs courage to play such roles. Pooja has agreed to act in this film without any hesitation,” explains Venugopal.

The shooting of Jai Hind is expected to continue at CRPF campus for 12 days.

“We have availed the permission from CRPF authorities for the shooting. I hope that there will be no problems during the shooting,” said the director.

He said that Doddanna plays the role of an MP while Ramesh Bhat acts as hero’s father. Shobharaj has been assigned with the villain’s role while producer Major Srinivas Poojar plays the role of a Colonel. “We are planning to shoot a few sequences in Kashi and Rajasthan apart from Bangalore. We will picturise the songs in and around Sakleshpur,” he said.

If everything goes as per plan, Jai Hind is expected to hit the silver screen within three months.

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