Porali movie review

Producer Sasikumar plays the lead role just like he did in Nadodigal while the core members of Nadodigal team play important roles.

movie : Porali
Cast : Sasikumar, Swathi,Allari Naresh
Direction : Samuthirakani

The much awaited film from Samuthirakani and Sasikumar combination has come out. The movie, written and directed by Samuthirakkani, has a pacy narrative with a lot of messages. The movie talks about caring for others and sensitive handling of mentally challenged people. It also speaks about encouraging budding talents.

Porali begins in a comical mood featuring Kumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) seeking shelter in a in their Pulikutty’s (Ganja Karuppu) room in a compound in Chennai. The place has many families living in the same compound. Both Kumaran and Nallavan get close to the people in the surrounding by their do-good and fun filled nature. They work in a petrol bunk and start a side business to earn more money.

Bharathy (Swathi), who lives nearby, falls for Kumaran’s good ways. Kumaran refuses to accept her feelings but finally her strong love concurs. Meanwhile the business grows bit rather dramatically and the twist comes in the same manner.

Kumaran is being hunted by his relatives from his native village and Kumaran and Nallavan run to escape from them. The relatives reveal that Kumaran and Nallavan had escaped from the mental asylum. Bharathi is shattered and Kumaran tells her the real story. His past was a case of victimization by his father’s weakness and, step mother’s cruelty, and her relatives’ violent behavior.

The rest of the movie deals with how he tackles the greedy relatives who want to eliminate him.

The major plus point of Porali is that it moves fast. It also has some moments that provide fun and thrill. The initial scenes are enjoyable though they lack logic. The scenes portraying the happenings in mental asylum have been sensitively handled.

The problem with the movie is that it lacks finesse and coherence. It also lacks logic though some of the scenes look new (the scenes involving Vasundhara). The twist comes as a surprise but the flashback and the climax are but routine.

Kathir’s cinematography is a big asset to the film while Sundar C Babu’s background score is racy and loud.

Sasikumar handles the role with energy and dynamism. Allari Naresh fits the role perfectly. His portrayal of mental problem is quite impressive. Swathi’s role provides some colour to the proceedings. Kanja Karuppu gets a meaty role and does justice to that. Soori impresses with his modulations and casual approach.

Despite the routine scenes and predictable climax Samithirakkani has managed to provide a fast paced movie that has some emotional appeal.

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