Prabhu distances himself from politics

Prabhu inaugurated a jewelery shop in Tirunelveli on the other day and then took some time off to engage in an informal chat with the scribes who had assembled there. He said he always loved visiting Tirunelveli, the land of the great warrior Veerapandiya Kattabomman and the legendary poet Bharathiyar.

He also revealed that Tirunelveli appeared to comprise most fans of his father. He too had a good number of fans in the city, he added and said that he had never aligned himself with (the campaigning of) any political party. “I have friends who are active in many political parties; as far as I am concerned, I view politics and cinema differently,” said Prabu.

The actor, who is one of the few Kollywood stars who are fluent in English as well as French, termed himself as an ‘apolitical’ person. Prabhu has played a significant role along side actress Meena in the recent release ‘Thambikkottai’.

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