Prithviraj to Marry after URUMI release…?

Prithviraj Sukumaran, the man who would be the main in stardom after BigMs (Mammootty & Mohanlal), has been linked to some of the most beautiful leading ladies has fallen in love with a Mumbai based television news journalist!!
Prithviraj’s next flick reaching soon theatres is “Urumi” ,directed by Santhosh Sivan.
Raju as he is called at home is a very private person and had kept the affair under the wraps from the media glare all these months. Almost every weekend he used to fly in to Mumbai to meet his lady love and used to spend time with her.
Prithvi who at best of times had a ‘love hate’ relationship with the media, is supposed to have been totally floored by this lady, a brilliant TV reporter.
Rumours said that he met her more than a year back when she
was reporting for a famous English news channel on south cinema.
As per sources, what attracted the most ‘eligible bachelor in Kerala’ to this news television reporter was her ‘intellect and she had a lot in common with the
Prithviraj’s family especially his mother Mallika Sukumaran has no objection to her son marrying the smart young journalist as she is a smart Malayalee Menon girl!
Rumours have indicated that Prithviraj will most likely have a very private wedding in April 2011, attended by a few of his close friends and family.
Later he will hold a big reception in his home town of Thiruvananthapuram for industry
people and his legion of fans. Lets it a just rumour or true !!

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