Priyamani`s first onscreen kiss

Is something brewing between Priyamani and Sumanth? Buzz is that both of them share a fantastic on-screen chemistry in their current film that is being shot by new director Viji Sipivista.

The director has decided to add more spice to their sizzling chemistry. He reportedly shot a steamy scene recently. For both Priyamani and Sumanth, it is their first kiss onscreen. Generally, Sumanth is considered shy and refuses to do such steamy scenes but he reportedly okayed it as it is crucial to the movie.

Interestingly, the hottest topic in Film Nagar is their off-screen relationship. We are not sure about this news or probably people started guessing this after seeing their so-called onscreen chemistry. But their chemistry in the film is going to be the main highlight according to the unit members.

The film is produced by Kumar Brothers and Rim Zim is the title being considered.

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