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Priyanka Chopra, the hot, sensuous, gorgeous, pretty and most adventurous Bollywood Babe was in full form recently when she interacted with the print, electronic and above all website media on not one but two occasions. First, dressed as yesteryear’s Fearless Nadia in tight black jeans and top for her forthcoming show ‘Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi x 3’ in Filmistan Studio, Goregaon, and then a day later, dressed in the sexiest combo of black hot pant and tube top to launch her very own personal, but not private, website at Yash Raj Films Studio, Andheri. When we accosted her on both the occasions, she had a free wheeling and frank conversation with us, topped with her patented giggles and self invented mixed lingo, about her new show on Colors Channel and her newly launched website. Now tune in with caution: ‘Uproarious laughter maybe injurious to health!’

First things first. You have taken over the hosting of ‘Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi x 3’ from the Asli Khiladi Akshay Kumar. How come? And how do you feel?

You are trying to put me in a tight spot. It was not mine but Colors Channel’s colorful decision. The second season of ‘Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi’ had all female candidates as contestants. So this time for ‘Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi x 3’ they decided to have all male candidates as contestants. And who better to control them than Priyanka Chopra? So here I am and I am feeling great and very excited as the third season’s mantra is ‘Ek Haseena, 13 Khiladi aur Tiguna Khatra’. I think it will be a great fun hosting this show on air and even before that shooting for it with all the Khiladis in Brazil.

So who are these 13 all male candidates… I mean contestants?

Well! Right now I can reveal the names of only 12 male candidates as contestants as I have been asked by the Colors Channel not to reveal the name of the 13th contestant. I think they want to keep him under wraps and reveal him as a surprise package at the appropriate time once the show goes on air.

Priyanka, don’t you think you are forgetting something?

Oh! Yeah the names of the 12 male candidates as contestants. So here you go. Their names are of course in random order, Cyrus Brocha (VJ, Actor, Comedian and Author), Shabbir Ahluwalia (TV Actor), Karan Singh Grover (TV Actor), Ritwik Bhattacharya (Squash Champ), Abhishek Kapoor (Award Winning Filmmaker), Rahul Dev (Model and Actor), Manjot Singh (Actor of ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and ‘Udaan’ fame and National Level Rugby Player), Armaan Ebrahim (Car Racer), Milind Soman (Model and Actor) and Dino Morea (Actor and Model). These are the ten people and rest two did give their dates to be present on the funtion. Just imagine and can you beat it Rahul Bose (Model and Actor) and Terence Lewis (Choreographer and TV Personality) didn’t have time to mete me. Let them come to Brazil then I will let them know.

By the way Priyanka a little birdie has just whispered the name of the 13th Khiladi. What say?

Oh! you guys know about it? Trust me the original Khiladi are you media people. God know from where do you people get these news? Anyway, then I gues there is no more surprises and no more suspense. Well, let me open up the name of the 13th contestant. The 13th Khiladi is Angad Bedi (Actor, Model, Cricketer and Commentator). Ok! Hope you are happy now?

Well! So what according to you is the USP of this show?

Just as you had started the interview with first things first I would like to do the same by stating that the main sponsors and presenter of ‘Fear Factor -Khatron Ke Khiladi x 3’ on Colors Channel is GARNIER MENS’ DEODORANT. I think both the Colors Channel and Garnier Guys will be happy now. They have to be as I have fulfilled their request of mentioning their names in all my interviews. Coming back to the query of the USP of the show, first of all there are 13 Dare Devil Dudes, all of whom are strong, masculine, debonair, fearless and macho, held on the leash by equally Dare Devil Dudeni like me? Yes, all these guys, including me, have our own little phobias which we will try to overcome in Brazil during its shoot. Believe me, in this season this show will take the viewers on a roller coaster ride of extreme stunts, galloping emotions and never seen before action. As a captain of the team I will be their friend whenever they need me, a motivator whenever they feel low and at the same time I will prove to be a complete mastikhor on the sets and won’t leave any stone unturned to have fun at their expense. So get ready for thrills, danger, fear and unimaginable stunts.

You were looking like yesteryear’s Fearless Nadia when we met in Filmistan Studio the other day. You are looking like a Cleopatra today. What’s the secret?

Thanks for the compliment but I don’t think I fit the bill of being compared to such illustrious stalwarts. As for the secret of my beauty, everyone knows that I am, or rather I was, a small town girl with big dreams. Then I achieved my first dream of winning a beauty pageant of Miss World and lots more including a National Award. So I think everything happened gradually. With time I learnt everything while I was working. My mantra of beauty is that when you keep on achieving success its radiance reflects and glows on your face which I feel is natural beauty. So I feel, and that’s my secret too, that natural beauty is much more attractive than cosmetic glory.

You have carved a niche for yourself in Indian Cinema… besides you are also the most sought after brand ambassador. Then where was the need to have your own personal website Is it to gain more publicity and self promotion on a full scale?

My fans and people all over and even you media guys have been saying time and again that Priyanka Chopra has taken the entire Cyberspace by storm with my presence on the Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook. But I was not satisfied besides it was too difficult to interact with such a big crowd. Sometimes I used to feel lost. I was not even content with my blogs on them. So I felt that why not extend my sphere and have an individual interaction with my fans. was born out of that thought around one and a half year ago. I had tried to have my own domain earlier too but it was hacked. So this time I wanted to be more careful hence it took so much time. Everyone is having their own online space so why not me? Do you think I need more publicity or for that matter any more self promotion ? I did it just so that I can interact and connect with my fans on a one-on-one level. It will also become a one-stop destination as far as all the information of my authentic news, photos and videos are concerned.

How do you feel now that you can finally say iampriyankachopra to millions of your fans across the globe with the launch of your website?

Well! This is a very exciting moment for me. I have worked very closely with my team over the past year in creating my website. I wanted it to reflect who I am as a person and also, very importantly be, interactive, giving myself a chance to share and exchange thoughts, ideas and much more with my fans. The contents of will keep on changing on a regular basis and there are many exclusive videos, photos and the like that will be made available on the website . I am really looking forward on extending my online family. In fact I want to cement my place as the ‘QUEEN OF THE ONLINE WORLD’.

Will your online family include only your fans to the extent that the media will be kept bay?

Of course all of you media guys will also be a part of my online extended family even otherwise I do keep interacting with you guys on a personal, one-on-one level. All you guys will always be very dear to me. My fans will have to go online to interact with me but for all you guys I am always a phone call away.

Finally what do you think will the USP of will be unique both in terms of look and content. There are varied sections which will not only provide an insight into my life, but will also give the fans a fair chance to share their thoughts with me in a unique section catering specifically to them. It also has many exclusive, never-seen-before pictures and videos, including merchandise like T Shirt and Bags. They can also download it for free and before you guys can freely jump onto the commercial bandwagon let me emphasize that everything on will be FREE forever except for the merchandize but that also only a minimal cost. There will also be an exclusive pressroom, providing detailed information and photographs.

Will you be able to interact with your fans round the clock?

No, but my special team will monitor and filter out all mails and pass on to me for my reactions and reply to them. And before I forget let me add that there is also a GIVE section for the NEEDY. You see, I have been helping out for social causes but this time I want to reach out to common people to help them out. This was my mother’s idea. Of course there will be a specially appointed board of TRUSTEES to monitor genuine cases. In the end I would like to round it off by saying that has been conceptualized and designed by Vitcom Consulting and Design Stack. Before leaving i would just like to add that will surely add a new dimension to my online presence with an ever increasing fan base across popular social media networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Ciao! Sayonara!

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