Sumit Kaur Athwal, the heroine of Jogayya

Mumbai based actor-model Sumit Kaur Athwal has been chosen as the heroine in Jogayya. The movie is directed by Prem. Prem’s wife, actress Rakshitha is producing this already hyped film which is the hundredth film of Shivaraj Kumar.

The names of several Bollywood heroines, Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel, Praachi Desai and some other prominent heroines, were being discussed for long and the final choice is Sumit Kaur.

The film was launched with much fan fare on Shivaraj Kumar’s birthday on July 12. Prem says that the film’s shoot will commence in Mysore from September 1. The audition was over a few days ago, but Prem wanted to confirm whether she looks good in a saree and after seeing the results he was extremely happy.

In her Facebook page, Sumit says that she loves to dabble in many creative platforms besides acting. She has said that she wants to work with people who are innovative in creating new ideas. Sumit Kaur had spent some time in Holland and has come back to Mumbai to pursue a career in films. Since she is going to Holland again Prem may have to finish all the portions featuring her before December.

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