‘Putani Party’ On Children Rights

‘Putani Party’ Kannada film that got the National award for best children film was made on a shoe string budget by a Mumbai resident PN Ramachandra. The film is about the children rights.

A Kannadiga hailing from Mumbai PN Ramachandra who has made a thought provoking ‘Shuddha’ in Tulu (one of the four recognized languages of Karnataka) language has taken up another meaningful film ‘Putaani Party’ (The kid Gang). With a village backdrop and showcasing the need of the hour for the children in the rural parts focuses on the Panchayat Raj system too.

This is a seventy five minutes 35 mm cinemascope Kannada film by Ramachandra PN who is a Mumbai based film, documentary, short films and TV shows maker since 1990. Ramachandra hails from temple town Udupi. A commerce graduate with post graduation Diploma in Direction and Screenplay Ramachandra is also a writer for Film and TV Institutes of India.

‘Putani Party’ (The kid Gang) has music by Vijaya Prakash and it is edited by Arunabha Mukerjee. Ranita Jadhav, Sharad Anchatgiri, Gurudut Jodhi are in the lead cast.

Produced by Children’s Film Society India, the film was shot in a village called Honnapura situated near the town of Dharwad in South India. The film uses local actors, most of them first timers who are new to the medium of films. The film has a particular dialect of Kannada language that is spoken by a few in that part of India.

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