Ram Charan confirms about Upasana

Ram Charan has finally admitted that he is in love with his long time friend Upasana, whom he will marry soon. Ram Charan has announced it in public through a news channel and the social networking site Twitter.

Speaking to a news channel, Ram Charan said, “What more can I ask for from God and my parents when I’m going to marry my best friend. We have been friends for the last 6 years.”

He also added, “Upasana has been through many phases of my life and she is aware of everything in my life. She is  sensible girl who does charity work and loves animals.”

The Mega Power Star who has a huge twitter fans base conveyed the news to his fans too, “I officially confirm to my twitter fans also that Upasana is the chosen one for me and we together need all ur good wishes…”

Well, we wish the best to the couple Ram Charan & Upasana…

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