Ram Charan enters Bollywood

Ram Charan has almost tunnelled his way into the world of Bollywood. The actor is in talks to sign his first Bollywood movie, Welcome to the Jungle, with director Faruk Kabir, whose debut film Allah ke Banday is all set to hit the theatres soon. Plans have been made to shoot it extensively in the dangerous Amazon Jungles. But, Ram Charan was not the first choice for this role. Hrithik Roshan was first approached, as it would have a lot of stunts to perform, but Hrithik opted out, giving a way for Cherry to enter Hrithik’s shoes. Ram Charan has had a round of talks with the director and producer Ravi Walia. The director said that a formal announcement and a grand launch of Ram Charan in Bollywood are on its way! Way to go Cherry!

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