Real Rocket Raja turns up!

On Wednesday, cadres of Nadar Makkal Katchi (NMK), staged a protest near Karthi’s house in T Nagar.

They were objecting to Karthi playing pickpocket named Rocket Raja in Siruthai.

NMK feels it would malign the name of their party president whose name also happened to be Rocket Raja!

The protesters were rounded up by the cops who let them off after detaining them for a few hours. Policemen have been posted outside Karthi’s house round the clock following the incident.

Meanwhile Siruthai posters and publicity have received a big boost, as the producer is aggressively promoting the Rocket Raja character in the film.

The mass character who does comedy, speaks punchlines, romances Tamannaah and does daredevil action scenes, is sure to be a hit with the audiences.

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