Record response for Jackie

Puneet Raj Kumar starrer Jackie directed by Soori and produced under the home banner of Dr. Raj Kumar has taken a huge opening all around Karnataka.
It is released in more than one hundred and twenty five theatres excluding Inox in Hyderabad and Maayajaal in Chennai where it will be running a few shows.

Reports from all the districts indicate that Jackie will be the highest earner in its first week mainly due to the fact that excluding Bengaluru and Mysore, it has been released in two theatres in all the major cities. In almost all the centres Jackie has been attracting huge crowds and rewriting records as ticket fares have been increased in almost all the theatres.

Bangalore’s Santhosh theatre has increased its ticket fare from Rs. 70 to Rs. 100 for balcony seats, while in Pramod theatre in Magadi Road the ticket rates are Rs. 75 for Jackie which is Rs. 25 more than the normal ticket rates.

The sources from production house says that one positive feedback about the film from almost all theatres is that it is a good mass oriented action film. In centres like Hosapete, Bellary, Shimoga, Davanagere the film was released in two theatres with increased ticket rates. In Davanagere the film had eleven shows which included six shows in Ashoka main theatre and five in Padmanjali mini theatre. In Davanagere’s Ashoka theatre the film has collected nearly Rs. 2.50 lacs on the opening day and the distributors` kitty is already full on day one after deducting the weekly rent for the film.

In Shimoga also the film was released in HPC and Manjunatha. HPC had five shows from 9.00 in the morning. The film has opened very well in Northern Karnataka, particularly in Bijapur, Mudhol, Ramdurga, Banahatti, Rani Bennur and other centres. The film is expected to do very well in Hubli, Belgaum, Dharwad and Gadag also. In the Hyderabad Karnataka area the response for Jackie has been unprecedented.

Hospet had the distinction of screening the film quite early in the morning at 3.30 A.M, in the early morning. In Davanagere the shows opened at 6.00 in the morning. The shows in Bellary started little later at 4.30 am. Raghavendra Raj Kumar, brother of Puneet has written on Facebook that so far it has been good for the film.

Both Puneet and Raghavendra Raj Kumar visited Santhosh and Promod theatres to watch the film for a few minutes and guage the reaction of the first day audience.

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