RGV not invited for Vivek’s wedding?

Leading Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who married late Karnataka political leader Jeevraj Alva’s daughter Priyanka Alva on Friday in Bangalore, has reportedly not invited Ram Gopal Varma, director of his latest super hit Rakta Charitra, for the wedding!

Proving it to be surprisingly true, a few websites quoted RGV as saying: “I would have loved to be there if Vivek had invited me. But since he hasn’t, I can’t come. That’s the truth. Vivek has not invited me. You can check with him if you want.” The director also added he has no idea why he was not in the list of invitees.

The director and the actor have maintained good relations and there have been no reports of any fight between them. And their film Rakta Charitra is doing good business as well. It seems we need to wait a bit to know the real reason!

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