RGV’s SMS pattern!

Do you plan to send a text message to maverick director Ram Gopal Varma? Please hold for a second and read this first!

Just as people normally have their own styles in doing day-to-day things like writing or speaking, RGV has a unique style in replying to text messages he gets, through three standard responses! They are ‘oh ok’, ‘thanx’ and ‘great’.

For instance, if you share information with RGV, the answer you get is ‘oh ok’. If you send an appreciation SMS, you get ‘thanx’. If you are trying to share a new idea with him, you get ‘great’. Some insiders say the director has prepared templates with these three messages!

From the director’s point of view, he may not always be able to send proper replies all the text messages he gets. So this busy man’s template replies should suffice. Don’t you agree?

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