Sada wants something special

“I feel bored doing usual heroine roles, romancing the protagonist and dancing with him for a couple of songs,” says Sada, who has expressed her desire to do challenging characters.

Currently sharing the screen space with RK for P Vasu’s ‘Puli Vesham’, the ‘Jayam’ & ‘Anniyan’ actress says, “I am at present acting in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. But I want more.”

Elaborating, she says, “I am not looking for a full-fledged heroine role. I will be content even if I appear for some scenes, provided my character would leave an impact among the audience.”

At the same time, the actress says she is not that workaholic. “I would like to spend quality time with my family members and friends and I am already doing it in regular intervals. Because they are my energy boosters.”

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