Safety while shooting

BANGALORE: It was a case of shedding advice and receiving some at the ‘Rajdhani’ audio release function.

Namma kichcha Sudeep was the chief guest of the event. During the launch, he was informed that Yash and Chethan Chandra, two of the four heroes of the movie, took a major risk by jumping from a 24-storey building situated near Yashwanthpur while shooting for ‘Rajdhani’.

Sudeep advised Yash not to take such blatant risks since composing similar sequences has now become easy owing to advanced technology. Cautioning Yash not to make such attempts in the future, Sudeep said, “It is true such attempts may bring name and fame but it is too risky to take part in such sequences. If these scenes are the only criteria for artistes, especially upcoming ones, to be in limelight; other artistes too will start craving for such opportunities. It might trigger a chain reaction.”

While other heroes were unable to find a spot on the stage, Yash was seen smiling with pride and seemed quite content to receive advice from his friend Sudeep.

Meanwhile, Tara, one of the invitees, reminded Sudeep of his injury during the shooting of ‘Kempe Gowda’. “Sudeep has forgotten about that incident. We know Sudeep is committed and dedicated to his assignments but he, being a workaholic, forgets risks involved in such situations,” said Tara.

Minister of Home and Transport R Ashok, who released the audio CDs and cassettes along with Sudeep, said that the film industry has to encourage Yash. If everything goes as per plan, ‘Rajdhani’ will to hit the silver screen next month. Shreya Goshal and Sonu Nigam have sung the songs while Arjun has composed the music for this film, apart from rendering one song. “The film has all ingredients to keep the audience rooted to their seats. Mumait Khan’s item song ‘Taitu full taitu’ will be an added attraction. This film has a message to society too,” said producer of the film.

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