Saif Ali Khan likes Kareena voluptuous!

Kareena Kapoor’s vital stats have been a hot topic of discussion ever since she whittled herself down to size zero. But that’s not how her beau Saif Ali Khan likes her best.

The near skeletal frame that Bebo reduced herself to during the shooting of Tashan set a new trend of size-zero figures, eagerly followed by many, including Bebo’s best female friend Amrita Arora.

But size-zero is not how Saif likes Bebo. He prefers more…ahem…flesh on his lady love. Kareena revealed this in an interview to a Mumbai tabloid.

When asked how Saif likes her, Bebo replied: “Saif likes me fit, but voluptuous. He doesn’t like me too thin.”

Kareena is presently committed to a slew of films including Bodyguard with Salman Khan, Short Term Shaadi with Imran Khan, Agent Vinod with Saif and, of course, Ra.One with Shahrukh Khan.

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