Salman Khan heading to US for treatment

Salman Khan leaves Saturday for the US for treatment of a medical condition that causes him unbearable pain in the head, jaws and cheeks.

Amdist pain Salman wrapped up his commitments to promote his forthcoming film Bodyguard.

‘Though he is suffering from severe pain, he finished off his interviews scheduled till last night. He is leaving for the US Aug 27 for the treatment,’ a source from the unit of Bodyguard said.

He would miss Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid and the release of his film Bodyguard, which is hitting screens Aug 31.

Salman disclosed to media that the he had the first attack of pain in the left side of his face during the making of his film Partner (2007) and the pain came back while he was shooting for Veer (2010). He is suffering from this pain continuously since last year.

In medical parlance, Salman is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and aneurysm.

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