Salman spews venom at ‘Guzaarish’

MUMBAI: Sanjay Leela Bhansali made his directorial debut movie ‘Khamoshi: The Musical’ with Salman Khan in 1996. The film was a box office flop but went on receiving many awards. So Bhansali made his second film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ in 1999 again with Salman Khan opposite the beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It turned out to a big box office hit but the same success story could not be repeated with Bhansali and Salman again in next 11 years from then.

Bhansali and Salman were in good terms till these years and both admired each other’s work until recently. There is a report that Bhansali got the idea of starting work on ‘Guzaarish’ after Salman gifted him a DVD of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Prestige’. But when the director started the film, he signed Hrithik Roshan in spite of Salman and the reason was obvious.

The lost chemistry between Salman and Aishwarya led the filmmaker to look for an alternative choice.

However, this has not probably gone well with the ‘Dabangg’ Khan. There is a buzz that Salman is talking all rubbish about the film as well as the director Bhansali.

In a recent award function, Salman has reportedly said that even a dog will not watch ‘Guzaarish’. He was also reportedly criticizing Bhansali for not showing the respect to his earlier works and not considering him for the film.

But this sounds surprising considering another recent good gesture of the actor to Bhansali. Few days back, there was a report that Bhansali sent the film for Salman’s feedback and the actor watched it along with his family. After this special screening, Sallu also reportedly sent his positive feedback saying that the movie will start slow but will do well later because of the word of mouth.

Now, what happened in this short gap that he has turned hostile towards the film and the director? Well, the truth is known either by Salman or Bhansali so until they come out with a clarification on this incident, none can provide the real picture!

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  1. Guzaarish is a wonderful movie I watched it and I loved it. In order to understand that movie and appreciate it’s beautiful message you need a brain and maybe Salman is lacking one. That was one of Hrithik’s finest performances that makes him one of the best actors in the industry if not THE best. He was so good just like he was in Koi Mil Gaya. This is a guy who deserves all the fame and success and all the international fame because he is truly talented. He’s not just a son of a director who one day decides to act, he is actually brilliant. That being said, it’s not professional of Salman to mock another actor,director or a film. To call someone’s film so bad not even mosquitoes would want to see it is childish, no wonder Bhansali chose Hrithik over Salman for this film. It is also not classy and completely tasteless on Salman’s part. Learn to be humble. Just because you have money and fame doesn’t mean you can do and say whatever you want. Hrithik has money and fame too and a whole lot more talent yet he is not full of himself. Like Hrithik said, ” Money and fame should make you even more humble.” Salman is not a good human being I don’t care what his fans think. He has shot an endangered species, ran over a homeless man killing him because of drunk driving and everytime he’s been bailed out of jail because he has money. That is not fair.

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