Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming sensitive motivator

‘Guzaarish’ theme seems to be inspired from the poignant Spanish melodrama (Mar Adentro) English Title ‘The Sea Inside’ starring Javier Bardem.

In ‘Guzaarish’, Hrithik plays Ethan, a magician who suffers a spinal injury. Ash is a beautiful nurse and a married woman who develops feelings for him.

The theme of ‘Guzaarish’ seems to be similar to the 2004 Spanish film Mar Adentro which won the Oscar for the best foreign film in the year 2005.

The Spanish film is based on the real life story of a sailor Ramdon Sampredo. Sampredo becomes a quadriplegic following an accident and after that he fights a 3 decade long fight with the government asking them to grant him Euthanasia (mercy killing). Despite his strong desire to end his life, Ramodon teaches everyone how precious and valuable life is. He has two women in his life, a lawyer and a nurse.

In ‘Guzaarish’, Bhansali has kept only one woman Aishwarya as the nurse.

When asked about the inspiration behind Bhansali who is well versed with world cinema said, “The movie talks about life, our experiences, it’s about hope, love and winning over.” Surprisingly, he didn’t say a word about the Spanish film.

Anyhow, the Spanish film achieved great heights and won as many as sixty awards including the Oscars for the Best Foreign Language film in 2005. The immovable protagonist in the movie moved many who came to watch the film. Let’s see how far Bhansali’s cinema reaches and achieves…

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