Santhosh Subramaniam

santhoshBanner: AGS Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Cast: Jayam Ravi, Prakash Raj, Genelia, Kausalya, Geetha, Premji Gangai Amaran
Direction: Raja

Production: Kalpathi S.Agoram
Music: Devi Sri Prasad




Santosh Subramaniam, a remake of the Telugu hit Bommarillu, is a family tale that deals with father-son bonding and relationship.

Santosh (Ravi) is the younger son of Subramaniam (Prakashraj), a successful and renowned businessman known for his impeccable taste, tough principles and rigid rules. A perfectionist, Subramaniam wants to instil the same discipline at home too. In order to establish orderliness and extreme perfection in his family members, he keeps shouting his tastes and choices, ordering everybody around; he does not even pause to consider that others may have other preferences or opinions. He consistently supervises, criticizes and corrects everything. Starting from his children’s outfits to the tiniest knick-knack in his sprawling mansion, everything is obviously based on his choice.

Though his wife Lakshmi (Geetha), his elder son and daughter (Kausalya) and all his domestic help tolerate his bossy behaviour, Santosh dislikes it inwardly and follows his father’s orders only half-heartedly. A charming youngster, Santosh prefers a little more liberty. He gingerly nurtures a secret hope that at least in the choice of his life partner, he will have the freedom to select her without his father’s interference.

In the meantime, Santosh casually meets a girl Haasini (Genelia), thesanthosh pampered daughter of a middle-class widower (Sayaji Shinde). Willingly, he follows her; lured by her childish charm, he falls in love with her. But Haasini, unlike Santosh, has been brought up with adequate freedom and has been allowed to make her choices and enjoy her life. Immature and easy-going, Haasini is like a grown-up kid who thoroughly enjoys every moment of her youth and freedom. Soon, impressed by his looks and demeanour, she too develops a liking for Santosh and is agreeable to become his life partner.

In the meantime, Subramaniam fixes Santosh’s wedding with a businessman’s (Vijayakumar) daughter (Keerath). In order to get his choice approved by family members, Santosh brings Haasini to his palatial house and introduces her to his whole family. He plans to retain her for a week there and hopes the acquaintance will establish a familiarity between Haasini and his family members after which, he will present the proposal to his father.

But do all his aspirations and dreams come true? Do Subramaniam and his family approve of Haasini? Are they sufficiently impressed with her behaviour? Does Subramaniam approve of his son’s choice at least in this matter? Does it facilitate a better understanding between father and son? Does Haasini cooperate for the success of Santosh’s plan? What happens to Keerath? Watch the intriguing film to know!

Director Raja’s fine directorial skills are proved yet again in this subtle family plot. Santosh Subramaniam glitters with his exclusive imprint. Audiences move on effortlessly along with the film’s sequences and characters. The mild disagreements between a strict father and a son who do see eye to eye has been portrayed with a natural touch. The sequences have an undercurrent of humour as well as naturalness.

santhoshRavi-Genelia – their chemistry is excellent. They make an indelible impression as a bubbly pair. Prakashraj is at his best, as always. The entire supporting cast, including Santosh’s friends’ gang comprising Prem G. Amaren, Santhanam and Sreenath, Santosh’s sister Kausalya, Keerath, Vijayakumar, Sayaji Shinde and Sathyan, the loyal servant in the household, are natural, apt and impressive.

Santosh Subramaniam’s audio is already a big hit. Devisri Prasad’s music is sensational and all the songs are melodious and enjoyable. Though a remake, Santosh Subramaniam has a genuineness and exclusivity about it, with some changes made to suit Tamil sentiments. Truly, a film worth watching on the big screen!

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