neppallyBanner: OST Films
Cast: Bharath, Meera Jasmine, Prem
Direction: VZ Durai

Production: Rama Saravanan
Music: Srikanth Deva




What in the name of entertainment has director V.Z.Dorai dished out? There’s absolutely nothing new about Bharath’s Nepali as it has a story that you have seen many times over.

Dorai has been successful in confusing the viewer with three parallel episodes which gets a bit annoying after a while before he reaches the conclusion in the climax. The major fault with Nepali is that it is one of those movies that should never have been made, as it is a stale old vigilante story with an overdose of violence, blood and gore.

Here goes the clichéd plot: Karthik ( Bharath) is a software professional who meets Priya (Meera Jasmine) in Ooty. Soon they are in love and after her family objects, the love birds elope and get married. But soon she is killed by a police officer (Raja Ravendar)who is a sex- pervert and the blame falls on Karthik.

But our hero kills the officer, goes to jail to come out and turns into a vigilante who is on a killing spree targeting men who harass women at workplace! And after each murder, there is a (weird)voice on the clinical details of how the death happened with graphics!

A computer engineer is killed followed by a professor and a doctor. DCPneppally Gautham (Prem) is on the trial, though the killer leaves a note about the time and hints about his next target. The film is full of blood and gore and we wonder how it escaped the censors even with an A certificate? Some of scenes that you puts you off are the scene in which Meera dies and the pervert police officer undressing at regular intervals!

Bharath who’s usually quite earnest, seems totally uninspired and is out of place as a guy determined to clean up the world! And in all honesty you can’t really blame him as the script lets him down. His three different get-up’s is nothing to write about as the make-up of a Nepali looks silly. Meera as the leading lady is plain dull and she looks like Bharath’s elder sister. There is no on-screen chemistry between the lead pair especially in that romantic song. Govind Namdeo is wasted while others are adequate. Television artist Prem impresses as ACP Gautham.

Nobody in this world sets out to make a bad film and the intention is always noble, but the execution is where they often fail. Still, when you see a film like Nepali, you can’t just stop wondering what Bharath was thinking, when he accepted to do this film?

There’s practically no originality as the director seems to be heavily influenced by the Quentin Tarantino style films with non-linear storyline with shades of Manmadhan and Ghajini. Srikanth Deva’s background score is a pain and the graphics look tacky.

On a positive side, the climax scene is good and cinematographer Madhi has captured the mood and atmosphere of the film giving it a slick look. The film is not for the sensitive or the sensible If you watch Nepali and you come out alive, then you’ve survived a tornado!

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