Shahrukh Khan speaks against scams and corruption!

In the days when scams and corruption have become the buzz words of Indian polity, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has a few words of advice for the youth.

While addressing a gathering of the students of Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) in New Delhi, Shahrukh said: “There is so much corruption around and the future can be bettered by young boys and girls only, so that the generations to come can be proud of the country… It is my earnest plea – do not indulge in scams or corruption. Everyday there are new scams in newspapers and TV. So I request the young generation to do things that do not leave the new generations embarrassed. Just make the best of opportunities and I wish all of you all the best.”

Though SRK’s late arrival at Parkland Exotica did disappoint some, but his charm and wit more than made up for it.

When asked for his advice before hosting IIPM’s annual international business and marketing quiz DARE 2011, SRK said: “A lot of people ask me what advice I have to give to them. But I’ll tell you honestly. I was at an award function with Mr. Bachchan once and before going to the stage, I asked him – ‘Sir, do you have any advice to give?’ He said: ‘Before going to the stage, just check if your zip is up or not!’

“So I did that before my performance! And that’s all I have to advise you youngsters – make sure all your zippers are intact when you do anything in life, and all shall be well,” Shahrukh Khan said.

Khan looked dashing in his new Don 2 makeover with long hair and stubble.

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