Shakalaka Boom Boom


Cast:Bobby DEOL, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Kangana RanautDirection:Suneel DarshanMusic:Himesh Reshammiya

Shakalaka Boom Boom is based on conflicts, trauma and the power game involved in the functioning of the music industry. The story is adopted from Milos Forman’s masterpiece Amadeus.The film has been extensively shot in the beautiful locales of South Africa (watch the song Namumkin). The overall look of the film is glamourous, colourful and vibrant.

The movie is a complete entertainer with Bobby and Upen giving out fine performances. The story is set in America (but shot in South Africa!!). The second hour is highly captivating and thrilling which is the major plus point of the film.img507/1989/celinacq0.jpg

The movie revolves around two men with similar passion- music. AJ (Bobby Deol) is playing a ruthless guy with a manipulative frame of mind. He has reached where he is through sheer dint of slog and hard work. He is used to winning, he revels in it and will never allow anybody to overtake him. Reggi (Upen Patel) is a talented and upcoming singer who is struggling hard to get noticed.

Young and hugely talented, he hungers for what AJ has, he craves to be where AJ is. Ruhi (Kangna Ranaut) is an aspiring singer who looks up to AJ but she has fallen head over heels for Reggi. Sheena (Celina Jaitley) is a gorgeous and ambitious PR professional.
Sheena is the one who goes all out to promote Reggi. There is a lot of drama in this part of the flick as the story involves a lot of emotions all mixed into one musical drama titled Shakalaka Boom Boom.

The story moves lazily in the initial portions, but with Upen’s arrival, it becomes seductively spicy. The sequences between Bobby and Kangana are least interesting, but every time Bobby and Upen come face to face, you like the intensity. The story could have been better. Also, since it revolves around the music industry, there’re lot of songs. The film reaches its crescendo in the pre-climax, but the climax could’ve been better thought of.img507/4690/bobycj8.jpg

Bobby Deol gives out a vernacular performance in his negative role. The film lightens up due to his plans and manipulative moves. The mind-games Bobby adopts to destroy Upen from the music scene takes the film to its peak. Suneel captures Bobby and Upen fantastically and the audience loves it when both come against each other.

Upen gives out a good performance though his role was a tricky one. The young actor is catching up with the acting skills and emotes his scenes with sheer confidence. Celina could have done better as she had a lot of scope to perform. Kangana looks desirable and sexy. Anupam Kher plays his small role with utmost ease.

The music is mediocre but the choreography is just amazing. It changes the whole outlook of the track. The choreography is definitely eye catching and the visuals don’t leave you even after you leave the theatre. Suneel has chosen the right technicians this time and the work shows on screen.img507/7710/upen270km2.jpg

Overall, Shakalaka Boom Boom will boom with a lot of enthusiastic young audiences who will enjoy the overall package offered by Suneel Darshan.

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