Snehana Preethina

Cast: Darshan, Auditya ,Lakshmi Rai, Sindhu
Tholani,Rangayana Raghu, Doddanna, Nazar,
Sanketh Kashi, Sadhu Kokila , Mukyamantri Chandru.
Production: Anaji Nagaraj

PSnehaanaa Preethinaa is a two and a half hour entertainment capsule which can be chewed and enjoyed full length. Producer Anaji Nagaraj and debutant director Saahuraj Shindhe have created a web of glitz, glamour and enjoyable fun mill in this film which will enthrall all the age groups cutting across the gender barrier.

More than anything else Darshan rocks in this film with his splendid performance which has provided him lot of scope to show his variety. Audithya has given adequate support to him, but among the two heroines it is only Sindhu Tholani who shines a little better.

The film is a remake of Hindi film `Ishq’ which was a run away hit. Sahuraj Shinde has taken off some portions of the original film to make `Snehaanaa Preethinaa’ a slick and entertaining presentation. And the film entertains from the first sequence with many hilarious moments like that of Audithya walking on a pipe and Darshan trying to save him. There are some emotional moments in the film which strikes a chord in your heart.
Snehaanaa Preethinaa is made in a big canvass and every scene in the film has been presented in a grand fashion.

Snehaanaa Preethinaa is an enjoyable commercial film. Go for it.

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