Somy Ali, Salman Khan renewing love

Salman Khan’s past love is back in his life. She is Pakistani actress and model Somy Ali. Somy and Salman hit the headlines way back in 90’s when their love was at the peak. But things went wrong between them and Somy returned to the US but she did not totally cut ties with her ex beau. All through these years, Sallu and Somy was very much in touch. Now the duo is renewing their love in Bangkok while shooting for ‘Ready’.

Somy arrived in Bangkok to meet Salman in the last days of his shoot. While the rest of the crew stayed at Hotel Sukumvit, Sallu and Somy stayed at the luxurious Hotel Landmark. Though Somy never came to catch Sallu on the set of ‘Ready’ both spend quality time together after the shoot.

“She and Salman spent a lot of time together after the day’s shoot would get over. They were seen shopping in various places in Bangkok and looked happy and comfortable like two people who have been with each other for many years,” a source from Bangkok confirmed.

“All through her stay Salman was very protective of Somy. She did not come on the sets but he was with her all the time after the shoot.

They were quiet discreet, he didn’t want to be in the public eye,” he added.

Now, the million dollar question is whether Salman is thinking to settle down with Somy. Can’t say, anything can happen, afterall, it is Bollywood.

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