Katrina very upset over break up rumors

Katrina Kaif is very upset and is fuming with rage over rumors about her alleged `marriage’ and break-up with Ranbir Kapoor. The actress expressed her shock and disbelief at the rumours by calling them “rubbish”, “ugly”, and “a million miles from the truth”.

“These kinds of talks are just rumours. They are a part and parcel of the industry. One just has to smile and concentrate on work,” Katrina told reporters. When asked if she was ever dating Ranbir,
Katrina said, “I have never commented on my personal life. And will not do so now.”
“These rumours are embarrassing, ugly, a million miles from the truth, beyond fiction. The so-called people close to me who are saying these things actually have no proximity to me”, she added.

“Ranbir is a friend” Katrina insists, adding that her relationship doesn’t go beyond friendship. However, it is really difficult to believe what she claims as the duo were not only spotted having a good time driving on the streets of Mumbai but also spotted sharing romantic moments on the flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai.

The rumor that flooded in and around b-town was that she gave a deadline of March 2012 to Ranbir to marry her and called off the relationship when he did not oblige.

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